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Please note: Minimum order value of €100 applies

Varies depending on location 

You can combine your order with our other services

Travel costs are not included and vary from location

Please note:  We take Cash bank transfer and All major credit cards

 We Don't take Personnel Cheque's

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When measuring the area please measure from "Wall to Wall" and not around objects such as beds or upholstery etc.. as a room with a bed or a suite in there will take just as long to clean as an empty room, so as our prices are partly based on how long the room takes to clean the price will be based on the "Wall to Wall" measurements. 12 on the tape is 1 foot


We can clean underneath couches & beds etc.. If they are removed to an area we will not be cleaning prior to our arrival.  When large objects are in an area we are cleaning, we will clean around the objects while covering as much area as possible.

Carpet Cleaning

Bedroom €40
10ftx10ft  1 - 100 square feet €40
12ftx13ft  100 - 150 square feet €60
13ftx15ft   151 - 200 square feet €80

+ Stain Protection  €30

How to measure the square feet of your room?

Length (ft) x Width (ft) = Square footage

(L) 10feet x  (W) 10feet =100square feet

Pet Urine Odour Treatment

€30 Per Area 12ftx12ft

Sitting room €70
1 -  150 square feet €70
150 - 220 square feet €80
221 - 270 square feet €100

+ Stain Protection  €30


From €30

1 - 75 square feet €30
76 - 125 square feet €40
126 - 175 square feet €70

Standard Stairs

€5 Per Step


Fine fabric & Heavily soiled 

May incur additional charges



 5 seat Corner Sofa

€130 attached cushions

€200 Detached cushions

3 Seater Sofa


Dinning Chair

From €10 Per Seat

Stain Protection

€10 Per Seat

2 Seater Sofa (Small)





€3  per cushion

Tile & Grout / Stone Floor Cleaning

€0.75/€1.00 Per Square Foot

Large tiles 60cm x 60cm = 0.75c

Smaller tiles = 0.95c

Price is based on Area examples below

minimum service order 150


Average 140 sq ft =105

Average 140 sq ft =140


Average 60 sq ft €45

Average 60 sq ft €60

Apply Sealant From €0.50 Per Square Foot

Utility Room

Average 50 sq ft =€37.50

Average 50 sq ft = €50


Average 45 sq ft = €33.75

Average 45 sq ft = €45

Strip Any Existing Sealer

From €0.50 Per Square Foot

Rug Cleaning

Please note: We don't clean shaggy style rugs

Rug Cleaning

€1 per square foot

Rugs Spa Take away 

From €100

Stain Guard Protection

€0.45 per square foot

Pet Treatments 

from €30

Mattress Cleaning 

Single Mattress

€40 Per Side

King Mattress

€60 Per Side

Double Mattress

€50 Per Side

Super King Mattress

€70 Per Side

Stain Guard Protection

€20 Per Side

Commercial Cleaning


Price is per square foot of flooring
Minimum Order Value €150


Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Please call for Quote

Office Chair

From €10 per seat

Industrial Stairs Cleaning

From €4 per step

Covid-19 Disinfection Fogging

Please Call for Quote

Bio Hazard Disinfecting Fogging

Fogging disinfection is a method where disinfectant is atomized into ultrafine droplets and blown into the air. Once they settle on the surface, these disinfectant droplets begin to have an effect. This allows time-saving treatment of a whole room, as well as the disinfection of nooks and crannies which are otherwise difficult to access.

After the decontamination cleaning your premises, the areas cleaned will need to be left for 3 hours,

We are recommending that areas with a high footfall are fogged at least every 72 hours.

Commercial Covid-19 Disinfection Fogging
Please Call for Quote

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