Rug Cleaning

Restore your rug with professional cleaning. Our services provide the most comprehensive area rug cleaning and extensive ways to clean and restore your prized rugs. We strive to meet and exceed client expectations, your happiness is the cornerstone of our business.

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Take away Rug Cleaning

Our highly skilled technicians are trained to clean and care for your beautiful rug with the utmost of care. Each rug is treated with special attention and our 10 step cleaning process makes sure the best results cleaning results are achieved. Each rug has different needs for each type of fiber, whether natural or synthetic, such as wool, cotton, jute, silk, polyester, nylon, acrylic there is no one product to suit them all. That is why we have different products and techniques to suit all fiber types which are woolsafe certified. We never recommend cleaning onsite due to the cleaning requirements for best practice cleaning we take it away and clean it off site. 

Satisfaction Guarantee 

We have a unique satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy will give you a full refund, no questions asked.  We give all our customers the best service possible using friendly, honest, highly skilled technicians. We use the best products with the best equipment that will suit your job.  Our satisfaction guarantee aim is to keep our clients happy for many years to come. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask a question we are here to help. 

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We Test your Rug Fibers 

The first thing we do before all else is test your rug to identify what fiber type we are working on. Although we trust our customers you can't always trust the sales-rep. Testing is the most important part of rug cleaning and knowing what to do with the results is even more important. You can never be too safe when cleaning rugs. Before adding water we will remove as much dry soil as possible this is to avoid soils resurface after cleaning. After the dry soil is extracted Depending on the rug type we extract using hot water extraction. After the cleaning process is complete we focus on any specific issues the rug may have primarily removing stains and spots or bad odor. We hand remove any stains or spots to the best possible results. We use a ten step cleaning Process to guarantee best results. Some rugs need to be re Dyed to bring back its original color this not a cleaning issue. In these cases we will make it know that your rug needs to be restored