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Terms & Conditions

Please Note it is impossible to guarantee every stain will be removed through cleaning alone. But we guarantee if we cant get it out no one can. We don't take responsibility for damages that are Pre-existing damages like unknown leaks or over wet carpets from other companies these need special treatments and is not covered in our satisfaction guarantee unless we charged you for treatments which in any case we will apply two or three times but these are treatments in extreme cases you need you need to replace the backing. bad smells are easily avoided please make us aware of these issues before we Quote you. If the carpet/Upholstery was cleaned but now it smells because we were not informed of the pre-existing issues,  Wear & Tear unknown contaminated fibers ,please document your areas and make us aware of the history of the Fabrics / Floors to be sure everything goes smoothly like 99% of our Jobs please Ask about Fabric Dyeing for Permanent stains and remedies for pre-exsisting issues we have the solution for you to gt the best results please let us know everything you are aware of when it comes to fabric

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