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Colour Correction
Bleach Spot 

Kilkenny Carlow Tipperary Laois Waterford Wexford

repair bleach spots

Have bleach spots in your carpets?  Possible acid burns? Colour lost to chemicals?

Your carpets can be restored with the exact colour match. 


90% of fabric/ Fibres are dyeable


 No need to replace your carpets after housekeeping mistakes or

bleach spills, it can be repaired and we can permanently fix the colour loss areas.

Colour restoration is a permanent repair and an exact match. No need to visit the flooring store to pick out new carpets. No need to move furniture or stop your life to replace the carpet.


Our colour repair service permanently restores your Fibres

Permenant Dyes

Natural & Synthetic fabric dye

Fully trained 

Any colour

Cost Effective 

Fast & Friendly service 

chemical damage on carpet repair

Any Colour
bleach spot

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