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Vinyl Floor Maintenance

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Choosing the right Vinyl Cleaning Company can be hard with so many to choose from. Our service is built on great results and customer satisfaction we take pride in our work. We will guarantee Professionally cleaned and shiny floors that will be durable enough to withstand high traffic areas. We will work hours that suit your schedule. Lets work together to get your building looking Great again

Vinyl Composition Tiles

Flooring is a common choice for many commercial and high security facilities threw out Ireland. While these floors are durable and display a glossy look, now and then it becomes necessary to strip and re-wax the flooring to maintain appearance and functionality.

Hiring a professional cleaning company that specializes in stripping and waxing VCT flooring is the way to go when it comes to ensuring the highest-quality end result of keeping the flooring intact and looking good.

if you have any Questions please don't hesitate and call today.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Money back guarantee

Fully insured for peace of mind

Expert, professional service by

experienced team

Free visit with expert cleaning recommendation and quotation

Excellent Value for money

Uniformed Staff

Best Products and equipment

Choosing the right cleaning Process

When you hire a professional cleaning company that is in the restorative cleaning of resilient floors, they will know what recommended options to present to you when looking at your floors.


  The right process can protect your floors, keep them looking better longer and get you the best price for the results.Turning a resilient floor that is in bad shape into a clean and shiny floor does not have to involve stripping and applying new coats of wax. Depending on a number of factors, there are other processes that can be used for the best end result.

Of course, the only way to know is to set an appointment so that your trained technician can provide his or her recommendation on the right process to use. He or she can also provide a recommended maintenance package to help ensure your floors stay clean and shiny for many more years to come.

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