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Terms & Conditions

Top Level Cleaning Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions are like a handshake between Top Level Cleaning and you, our awesome Customer. When you book our services through our website forms, email, social media, or by giving us a call, you're saying, "Let's do this!"

  2. We're excited to make your place sparkle, but we'll need a little help. Please make sure we have access to your place and to things like running water and electricity.

  3. Just a heads up, our appointment times are kind of like a estimate we are rarely late but If we're running late we promise to contact you.

  4. To get things rolling smoothly, we'll need some details from you—like your full name, address, and a mobile number.

  5. We're all about making your floors and upholstery look their best, but we're not in the business of moving furniture or handling personal items. Make sure any valuables or breakable stuff is out of the way before we arrive.

  6. Life happens, and plans change. If you need to cancel, no worries! Just give us a heads up at least 48 hours before your appointment. for New customers if you cancel the night before or on the day we wont reschedule your appointment. This does not apply to regular Clients

  7. Our prices are based on average sizes and dirt levels. But if your job turns out to be bigger or dirtier than expected, we'll chat about it before getting started. You're totally free to say "no thanks" if the new price doesn't work for you.

  8. We bring everything even the kitchen sink when it comes to cleaning products and equipment. Our stuff is top-notch, so you can expect top-notch results.

  9. Payment ; cash on the day of the appointment or Revolut.  we take all Major credit cards but there is a 5 euro bank charge it is not included in our quote. bank transfers need to be sent at least a week before . Sorry, no checks or Paypal

  10. If payment is MIA, we might have to add some extra charges and even bring in the legal team. Let's keep it simple and settle up on time, keep us updated and it will be okay once paid

  11. We're here to make things right. If there are any issues, just let us know within 3 days of our visit, and we'll do our best to fix it.

  12. If you decide not to take us up on fixing any problems, that's ok. But just know, we can't be held responsible for any issues that pop up later. If you cancel our revisit without 24hrs notice and we warned you of the possibility of the said item and you don't give 24hrs notice we wont be rescheduling as you knew the possibilities. Cancel with notice no problems

  13. It's always best to judge the results when everything is dry. If you're not there to give the thumbs up and follow the aftercare, we can't take responsibility for any issues later on as we guarantee to always do our best even when your not home it is rare to have any issues so try be available to minimise the risks. That said we have an after sale service so we will return

  14. We've got your back! Any damages caused by our team are covered by our insurance. But just a heads up, we can't be responsible for stuff that was already damaged even if they were unknown to you.

  15. Stains are tricky, but we're up for the challenge! While we can't guarantee miracles, we'll give it our all. Some stains might need extra TLC, though, and that might mean a little extra cost. 

  16. You agree to follow our Aftercare guidelines as you are responsible when we leave to follow the instructions so everyone is safe and things dry faster and evenly we take no responsibility for slips during the drying process as we offer a drying service at an extra cost so its your responsibility to follow our Guided Aftercare to stay safe.

  17.  By choosing Top Level Cleaning, you're agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. Let's make your place shine!

Please Note it is impossible to guarantee every stain will be removed through cleaning alone. But we guarantee if we cant get it out no one can. We don't take responsibility for damages that are Pre-existing damages like unknown leaks or over wet carpets from other companies these need special treatments and is not covered in our satisfaction guarantee unless we charged you for treatments which in any case we will apply two or three times but these are treatments in extreme cases you need to replace the backing. bad smells are easily avoided please make us aware of these issues before we Quote you. If the carpet/Upholstery was cleaned but now it smells because we were not informed of the pre-existing issues,  Wear & Tear unknown contaminated fibres ,please document your areas and make us aware of the history of the Fabrics / Floors to be sure everything goes smoothly like 99% of our Jobs please Ask about Fabric Dyeing for Permanent stains and remedies for pre-existing issues we have the solution for you to get the best results please let us know everything you are aware of when it comes to fabric without knowing the history of the item we take no responsibility of pre existing issues that may resurface during our cleaning but we will do our best to get things right without charging but there is a chance this might cost extra if its unknown to us before hand.

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