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Commercial Carpet


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Commercial cleaning kilkenny
Commercial Cleaning kilkenny

Choosing the right Carpet Cleaning Company can be hard with so many to choose from. Our service is built on customer satisfaction and great results we take pride in our work and our service providing you with outstanding results. We want you to have a great easy going experience from start to finish. We will work hours that suit your schedule after hours available on request.  Lets work together to get your building looking Great again


The correct carpet care is an important part of cleaning. Not all carpet soil is the same this is why we carry many different products to ensure the best results on every job. We know people circumstances are different. Some people have high populated areas with a lot of foot traffic for safety reasons water is out out of the question this is why we provide different options that will still get great results.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Money back guarantee

Fully insured for peace of mind

Expert, professional service by experienced team

Free visit with expert cleaning recommendation and quotation

Product Safety Certified

Excelent Value for money


  1. Dry cleaning for those areas that need to be dry 

  2. Low moisture cleaning for those Areas that need Faster dry times with larger areas

  3. Hot Water Extraction best know as steam cleaning for those areas that need a total Flush 

What ever method you need

If you would like to talk about  any of your cleaning needs please contact us today.


First impressions are important for your business 

Leaves your business cleaner, brighter and fresher

Improves indoor air quality by removing pollen and allergens

​You can enjoy a healthier and more hygienic office

Refreshes carpets at a fraction of the cost of replacing Helps your carpets last longer by removing damaging abrasive soil

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