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Tile and Grout


After a few years, tiles can start to look tired. We have developed many innovative techniques to restore life into old, damaged, stained and broken tiles.The good news is they can be restored to look great again. 

Tile Cleaning service

Protection For The Colour Of Your Tiles

With the passage of time, tile and grout can become stained and dirty. You need expert help to get them looking clean again. At Top Level Cleaning we use a special sealing agent to seal grout and to protect the colour of your tiles. This solution is available and recommended to protect against dirt and grease restoring your grout lines. Top Level Cleaning guarantees your tiles will look much better after their TLC treatment. 

What We Do

Cleaning your tile and grout by yourself is a real pain. It is time consuming and messy getting down on the floor and scrubbing to get all the dirt, grime, grease, pet spots, and stains out of the grout. We take that hassle away so that you can do more important things. Top Level Cleaning can clean your tile and grout on floors, countertops, backsplashes, Walls and patios. 

Free Demo 

We conduct a free demonstration before the start of any project to guarantee our customers satisfaction. This way you will see the results before we start. free of charge  We have one main goal in mind and that is to provide the very best in customer service available to our clients.

We clean many types of tile such as: Ceramic,  Saltillo, Porcelain, Slate Travertine. 

We scrub the grout lines with grout brushes and the appropriate solution for that type of flooring. The tile and grout are then deep cleaned and hot water extracted. The tile and grout comes out looking clean and fresh.  After the cleaning, we can apply a grout sealer that keeps dirt and grime off the grout and prevents staining.

Tile Sealer

Now that your floors are looking great again. Now is the time to protect them. We can seal your tile & grout from re-soiling.  

This will keep your tile and grout cleaner for longer, Up to 3 years protection. Our tile sealer is a soil repellent it is transparent so you wont notice the sealer until something spills and you can wipe it away without the re-soiling of your Tiles & Grout

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