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Tips: How to prepare for our Visit & Departure

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"Please ensure a parking spot is available before our arrival. We need close access to your Home/Business for our vehicle, primarily for bringing in equipment and running hoses. An off-road private driveway is preferred. Please note that access restrictions, like apartment blocks, may incur an additional fee, and some areas may be inaccessible for our cleaning system."


Please move furniture before we arrive as we cannot move heavy furniture. Allowance is made for small furniture for those who can't move it themselves.


There is no need to vacuum we do all of that as needed. But ask that the area is free from large debris


Please make notes and let us know when we pre-inspect with you of any stain or spots that you want removed as some need extra care and may stand out more to you.


In cases of contaminated Fibers a full treatment is needed we cannot guarantee satisfaction if you opt out of this added extra.  See below for further details


Payment is due at the end of the cleaning. We ask if you are leaving the building to pay before you leave. Thank you

 We accept all major credit and debit cards on location but there is a 5euro charge. Cash online bank transfers, Revolut come with no extra charge

(We don't except personnel Cheques) 


Please let us know of any Sensitivities or Allergies that you may have so we can adjust our cleaning methods 


Carpet Cleaning / Tile Cleaning

Please have the floors cleared of all Toys, Cables, Valuables, Breakables Rugs, Sentimental objects. If possible put in a safe place that  is not being cleaned.


Please have your Pets in a safe place as much as we love pets and the extra help its best we clean without them.


There is no need to have your water hot unless you are a commercial client, as we use our own water and heat it to steam temperatures where needed 


As we truely deep clean we take longer. Please allow a couple of hours of your time depending on work load.


Due to Covid 19 etc If we are working indoors Please make us aware if people have tested positive in the past 10days.  We take precautionary steps in all our work to protect all our valued Clients by wearing masks when needed or asked.   

In these cases we would need to reschedule to a later date or We can disinfect the building before we enter. Clients masks are not required Thank you kindly 


Please Note it is impossible to guarantee every stain will be removed through cleaning alone. But we guarantee if we cant get it out no one can. Wear & Tear is not cleanable but the overall look will improve when Dry. Unknown Pre-exciting damage is not our fault or responsibility please make us aware of previous leaks.  We promise nobody will clean better it is always better to judge the results when the surface is fully dry. If you have any concerns about the cleaning please contact us straight away so we can resolve your concerns as quick as possible. if it goes over 10 days since the clean it can be hard to remember the job and the challenges we faced please report any issue within 3 day.  Please have patience as we will return within a reasonable time as soon as we know.

Thank you

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1.  Stain Protection

spot and stain.png

Now that your fabric is clean this is the time to add stain protection to your fabrics.  From as little as €20 per area this will protect your fabrics from future staining we are so confident about this product we will guarantee it for a full year if you cant remove the stain with general cleaning we will come back no questions asked to remove it for you absolutely free


Your Floors are looking great again this is the best time to protect them from re-soiling with our Tile & Grout sealer.  

This will keep your tile and grout cleaner for longer, Up to 3 years protection. Our tile sealer is a soil repellent it is transparent so you wont notice the sealer until something spills and you can wipe it with ease

Please not your grout can look wet for 24 hours after cleaning

once fully dry you will see the full results

Tile cleaning service.png

From as low as 10 euro this may save you a fortune and cannot be bought in shops.

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2. Fabric contamination

accidents happen_edited.jpg

Contaminated fibres due to accidents which happen . We must treat contaminated fabrics I.E (Urine vomit Milk bacteria ) general cleaning solutions will clean Mud, kids sticky fingers, most drink spills, oils, some paints, grease, we don't charge extra for ,rust treatments, wine treatments, ink treatment, chewing gum ,mustard ,fake Tan, paint treatments red stain treatments once they are reasonably sized we don't charge extra. We charge for contaminated fabrics.  If there has been an accident General products have limitations especially on Natural Fabrics.  If you know of any of these please feel free to tell us as we care for you and want the best experience from start to finish. We know accidents happen. If you are unaware of any accidents then please phone us straight away if there is any bad musty smells as this is not normal. We try not to charge for small spots but for full rooms we have no choice. Untreated fabrics are not covered in our satisfaction guarantee  and may occur a fee for post treatments Please feel confident that when we clean for you that everything is in full confidentiality. We don't ask personal questions but we need to know if an accident happened.   We have seen it all and have the solution. This will help avoid any unsatisfactory experiences. These solutions have a small fee as they are used along side our General Cleaning solutions they cost more and we use a lot more of them.

Price Varies ​  ​  ​

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Pet owners

For pet owners although our products are the safest on the market pet treatments are an added extra.  We cannot guarantee satisfaction when it comes to untreated fabrics although for mild cases we don't charge extra as the general cleaning solutions can remove some mild cases. Untreated or Damaged Fabrics are not covered in the satisfaction Guarantee call backs will occur a small fee for treatments.    We ask if there is any soil that you pick it up before hand.   Our  tools are cleaned after every job but in badly soiled areas it takes much longer with the extra time and products it takes to clean equipment and fabrics this is an added extra.  The added pet treatment gets down to the backing and padding to neutralizes the germs & salts that cause bad smells. 



The trouble with pet urine is,   when the fabric is wet the pee is acidic.   When it dries it becomes an Alkaline which is the opposite side of the PH scale.   When the pee dries to alkaline the damage is caused  and leaves salt deposits. This is the main cause of smell & damage so act fast to flush it out before it dries, When the pee dries your fabric is left unstable and it is beginning to burn and Discolour act fast to save your natural fabrics. (Some damage is reversible) with treatments. It is unlikely on Natural Fibers if you try cleaning it yourself. If it dries flush it out anyway use water and a white microfiber cloth. but only use water.

Please don't try clean the fabric with products only use water to flush the pee out as we will only have one good chance at reversing the damage 

Oxi products will bleach Natural fabrics

most store bought products are alkaline so you are speeding up the damage

Please Don't use home remedies as you can make stains permanent


When we add water to the dry salt deposits and some Bacteria it may not of been noticeable before but when the fabric becomes wet it will release trapped ammonia from the salt deposits or bad odor from bacteria it may smell musty, during cleaning or after cleaning. The smell that was not there before has just released the ammonia through the salts.  This is why we must add extra products not just as a masking agent to cover up the smell.  But to destroy the salt molecule completely.    We change our products to suit every situation if we suspect urine or bacteria we automatically custom mix treatments for your job this will be a general Deep steam clean HWE and apart treatment. We do ask that you go for a full treatment to avoid any unsatisfactory experiences.  Call backs to post treat fabrics will occur a fee.  If you are aware of any potential accidents please tell us to avoid any unsatisfactory results which can be easily avoided. Unfortunately we cannot add everything as a general clean as these products are double in price.  Treatments are also used along side the general cleaning solutions we will add apart treatment. We will try identify this issue for you in our pre inspection. If you have pets please be aware of this optional extra for mild cases but is essential for bad cases for use of service.

Thank you. 

Price Varies  Quality Guaranteed

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3. Natural Fibres


We all love Natural fabrics for its durability warmth and extra comfort until they get wet and they start to smell this is a perfectly natural occurring smell. We try our best to prevent this from occurring by adding products to our solutions. But it is almost impossible as Each Natural fabric has its own smell.  

When it is wet it becomes noticeable.  


We cant guarantee full removal of spots and stains especially when it comes to sensitive fibres like cotton, wool, silk, Jute , sisal Viscose 

Natural delicate fibres take longer to dry than synthetic fibres that is if they are water cleanable we will guarantee no damp smells when the fabric is fully dry and they will dry in a reasonable time.

If your natural fibres are heavily stained ask for a salvage clean we don't take responsibility for this method as we wont use wool safe products this is the last resort and is not recommended but if it is to salvage the carpet we will try with no liabilities attached


We will give your fabrics the TLC they deserve Quality Guaranteed 

4.  After Care

wool safe.png
Open Doors

HWE steam cleaning method not related to dry cleaning

Once we are gone and Carpets are wet please take extra care of yourself and others carpets are rarely wet to remind everyone we recommend putting a dry non coloured white towel at the top and bottom of your stairs. Put a rug or towel onto floor entrance from each of the carpeted areas.  This is a Visual reminder that your carpet is wet.  Dry your shoes please stay off the carpet with outdoor footwear until it is dry as the carpet will attract soil until the surface is fully dry 

Upholstery & Carpet: Depending on the fabrics and time of year dry times vary considerably to help you speed dry here are some tips:  Please rotate your cushions every 2 hrs some may be dry before we leave.  Please turn your cushions so the bottoms become the sides one rotation not a full rotation

The Most important part of Drying is Airflow & Humidity if the weather is nice outside create a draft through the building by opening some windows and doors This will have the fabric fibres dry very fast


If the weather is cold wet or windy, If possible turn on heating leave the windows closed.  If the Humidity is high outside only open windows when the air is getting humid (Stuffy) inside or if you see excess condensation on your windows. Then open the windows replenish the air and close them again,  Repeat until dry. Natural Fibres take longer to dry some will be dry within 1 to 12hrs depending on Soiling level, Treatments, Weather, Airflow around the building all have a big part to play in the drying process. If your fabrics are still wet after 24 hours please let us know and we will come help speed Dry them at no extra cost.

Please Note: Fabric sealers speed up drying times as they repel water which causing the fabrics to dry faster 

Please follow these steps as best you can as this drying stage is your responsibility

We do offer a drying service at an extra cost most are okay with a couple of hours dry times this is steam cleaning not related to dry cleaning

 If you have fans or Air-conditioning turn them on or if you have a dehumidifiers please use them during the drying process this will help to create air flow and dry air.

Heat is good but Airflow is best. Having both heat and airflow will speed dry your fabrics, Don't forget to open the windows or Close them as high humidity will stop fabrics drying   It would be good to check the humidity outside after cleaning if it is above 65 keep your windows closed and this is where your dehumidifier will come to the rescue.  If you have a dehumidifier turn it on and you can leave the windows closed. Most fabrics dry fast  so don't worry call us and we will return.  If your worried about damp smells please don't as we treat the water to prevent this from happening. If there is a musty smell it is most likely a contaminated fabric which needed our disinfectant pet treatment.  We will be in contact to confirm you are happy with the results.  Please don't hesitate to call straight away if you have any concerns as we are here to Help and only a call away   

Please let us know of any issue you may have as we are always looking to improve our service with your feed back

Thank you.

Click the Weather icon to view the humidity on Google
If it is above 65 Close your windows and follow the steps above

Please click the icon pin to leave a review on Google to let others know how we done.
Thank you

Thank you for your support if you have any questions
Please call anytime w
e are here to help

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